Water-soluble CBD

Many people that are now discovering the benefits of CBD for the first time but the odds are they’re hearing about it in one of its many oil forms like a tincture or creams and vape oil. However, not many people have heard about Water-based CBD. We all know water and oil don’t mix, so why would we want to mix CBD with water? 

The reason we would want to combine CBD with water is basically bioavailability. This refers to how easily the CBD product is absorbed by your body. It would be great if all of the CBD product was absorbed by our bodies but unfortunately, this is not the case due to a phenomenon called the first-pass effect. This is a physiological phenomenon where basically when you’re delivering a drug or any drug compound to the body the concentration is greatly reduced before it can effectively be absorbed. What’s happening is that this drug compound whatever it might be, in our case it’s CBD, is being processed by the liver before it has a chance to effectively enter your bloodstream.  This means bioavailability of the medicine in question is greatly decreased, and in reality, you are only receiving a fraction of the whole drug taken.

Its not a new problem and it effects many different drug compounds from pain killers to natural substances such as curcumin which is the active ingredient in turmeric. All pharmaceuticals have the same problem which is the first-pass effect preventing the drug from being
efficiently absorbed. This issue only applies to drugs if administered through the stomach or oral consumption in a certain state. If
you’re absorbing a tincture properly under your tongue, through your skin or vaping there’s no problem because the first-pass effect only applies for the stomach.
The great news is that scientists have created techniques to successfully overcome the first-pass effect which means that you
can take something like CBD which normally has extremely poor bioavailability in the stomach put it through this conversion process and then all of a sudden you can drink it or eat it without sacrificing its effectiveness. 
You might be thinking are all those CBD oil capsules, tinctures, pills, on the market just a waste of time and money if we are not able to absorb it sufficiently? Well the fact is that  a lot of CBD oil capsules out there are not converted in any special way to increase the bioavailability. For example, if you took a 25 milligram CBD capsule you could only be absorbing 5 milligrams of that expected dose. It all depends on how those companies formulated their CBD. The techniques that have been created to overcome this problem are tried and tested and well known in the scientific community. They are being used every day for other compounds it’s still just new to the cannabis hemp CBD industry.

One of the best ways to overcome the first-pass effect is to convert the oil-soluble CBD into a water-soluble CBD. This will not only increase the bioavailability but also greatly increases the ways in which you could use CBD. With an oil-based extract, you’re confined to mixing it with other oils and using it that way because of course oil and water don’t mix.  With a water-soluble CBD you can more easily incorporate that into baked goods, frozen goods, coffee, tea, juices and so much more. This conversion technique takes the oil and breaks it down into extremely small pieces of micro or nano size and is known as microencapsulation. This is literally encapsulating pieces of that CBD oil into small enough segments so that it can effectively enter your bloodstream via the stomach and overcome the first-pass effect. 

CBD water is an amazing product, a game-changer! It allows you to just consume it in a much more friendly way, without having to guess what dose you’re expecting, without having to sacrifice bioavailability and without having to deal with holding an oil under your
tongue to properly absorb it.
There are a number of amazing CBD Water products that The Green Order will be reviewing.

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