Is CBN great for sleep?

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Sleep is vital for our health but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC)  one in three American adults are not getting enough sleep. Its a huge problem and the recommended amount is at least 7 hours every night. Sleeping less than seven hours per day will increase your risk of developing high blood pressure, obesity heart disease, stroke, diabetes and mental illness. If you dont get enough sleep then throughout the day you will lose focus and motivation. Thankfully theres a natural solution to assist with getting a goodnights sleep called CBN.
What’s CBN?


CBN is a cannabinol found in the hemp plant one of over 80 cannabinoids present in crop. One of the most popular cannabinol till just lately is THC, known for its medicinal and mind-altering properties. CBD is also well known and has been shown to help many medical issues but CBN could be perfect for helping promote sleep in a powerful way.


CBN latest research has provided amazing results for CBN and demonstrate its anti-inflammatory properties, stimulating hunger, encouraging the expansion of bone cells, and also as a powerful sedative.


CBN for better sleep?


CBN has been shown to be a very potent sedative and you will only need a small dose of CBN for a good nights sleep. According to the cannabis testing and research facility Steep Hill, CBN produces the most potent sedative effect among all cannabinoids, including THC and CBD. 

Their researchers found that CBN starts producing its sedative effect at a very low dose of 2.5mg. They even compared CBN with diazepam. They found that 2.5mg of CBN is equivalent to the sedative effects of a 5mg of diazepam. However, they have stated that more research is needed to be conducted. 

CBN is now seen to treat the root cause behind insomnia. For example, CBN eases irritation, reduces stress, and is proven to have some anti-anxiety advantages—all of those circumstances (irritation, stress, and nervousness) set off insomnia. With the ability to heal a lot of bodily and psychological issues resulting in troubled sleep mixed with the sedation properties, CBN shows hope to assist those with sleeping problems.



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